"Zama" (2017), Lucrecia Martel.

1 hour 55 min. / digital / Argentina.

Zama is a man who waits many years to be recognized for his merits, to be desired, to be loved. He decides to catch a dangerous bandit and get his name back. In failure he frees himself from his waiting.

Lucrecia Martel is an Argentine film director. In 1988 he directed his first short, "El 56", which was followed by "Piso 24" (1989), "You will not take her cursed" (1989), "Red kisses" (1991) and "Dead King" (1995). for the latter he won the "Short Stories" contest of the National Film Institute (INCAA) of Argentina.
He also did some work for television until he made his first feature film, "La ciénaga" (2001), which won numerous awards, including the NHK award at the Sundance Film Festival, the Grand Prix at the Toulouse Latin American Film Festival, the award for Best Film and Best Director at the Havana Film Festival and the Alfred Bauer Prize from the International Jury in 2001 at the Berlin International Film Festival. His second feature film, "The Holy Girl", was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and his third, "The Headless Woman", was selected at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.
Martel was absent from the cinema for 10 years and returned with "Zama" in 2017, a project based on the novel of the same title by Antonio Di Benedetto. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and received numerous positive reviews, it was also chosen among the best films of the decade by Cinema Tropical and Sight & Sound (BFI) among others. His most recent work is on Bjork's musical production "Cornucopia", a project he directed.