"POLA" (2020), Anitx Scheimberg.

12 minutes / digital / Argentina.

Anitx shares spaces with her grandmother and films her. They dialogue and the camera seems to find them, as if it were an intruder. In the intimacy of their relationship, we can get to know them.

Anitx Scheimberg is a photographer. He experimented with different photographic formats and participated in various workshops. Two years ago he studied anthropology at the UBA. This is his first short film.

"The night we win" (2020), Carolina Ruiz.

11 minutes / digital / Argentina.

On June 13, 2018, a bill to legalize abortion was voted - for the first time in Argentine history. That day thousands of people waited in front of the congress for the result of the vote that lasted more than 24 hours. This is how we remember it.

Carolina Ruiz is an art director, illustrator and film director from Buenos Aires, Argentina trained at the Universidad del Cine. "The night we win" is his first documentary short film.

"Me being trans" (2020), Lara.

5 minutes / digital / Argentina.

Me being trans gathers images of two years of her life, from 2017 to 2019. Where, among some of the things that happened to her, she realized that she is trans.

Lara is 24 years old. In his spare time he writes and creates audiovisual content.