“Pibe Chorro” (2016) , Andrea Testa.

1h 30 min / digital / Argentina.

Documentary essay that seeks to challenge the social construction that exists on crime and violence, to rethink the problems of children who are born with their basic rights violated and with little possibility of thinking and wishing for a future.

"The long night of Francisco Sanctis" (2016) , Andrea Testa and Francisco Márquez.

1h 18 min / digital / Argentina.

In the city of Buenos Aires in 1977 —during the last Argentine civic-military dictatorship— Francisco Sanctis, a typical father of a family exempt from politics and who seeks to go unnoticed in the midst of the prevailing state terrorism, finds out through a An old acquaintance that the military are looking for a young couple they do not know, and that he has the option of telling them to flee their home. Francisco must decide during the course of one night whether to ignore the situation presented to him or risk his own life to save two people.

Andrea Testa is an Argentine film director and scriptwriter. He directed the documentary “Pibe Chorro” (2016) which had its premiere with great support from the public and critics. Together with Francisco Márquez, he directed the film “The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis” (2016), winner of the International Competition of the 18th BAFICI and participant of “Un Certain Regard” at the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Currently, she is in the distribution stage of her new feature film: “Niña mama” (2019).