"Three Suitcases" (2018) , Lara Franzetti.

15 min / digital / Argentina.

An airport, a Russian, a clueless. Maria on the phone, one or two tangles, three suitcases.

Lara Franzetti is an Argentine film director and producer. His first short film, “Tres Valijas” (2018), had its world premiere in the BAFICI competition. In 2019 he founded “Vanda Cine”, an independent production company based in Buenos Aires, together with Lucila Mariani. He is currently working on “Before someone dies”, his first feature film. She is co-founder of the audiovisual production company VANDA.

"Living language" (2018) , Michelle Gualda.

15 min / digital / Argentina.

Tomoko is an older woman who, after her retirement, is sent to Argentina to spread Japanese culture. The first days of his exchange, which will last a year, he tries to take refuge in the bubble of his community, maintaining his tradition and rituals, but the local panorama presents difficulties: few people speak his language and even fewer share his customs. Tomoko is homesick for her home and her son, Hikaru, whom she tries to call but always finds sleeping.

It is up to her to open up to find another interpretation of her stay to discover the western charm.

Michelle Gualda is an Argentine film director, videographer and editor. He worked with some bands such as "Los Besos", "Juana Rozas" and "Diosque", among others. “Lengua viva” had its route in both national and international festivals.

"The perfect future" (2016) , Nele Wohlatz.

1h 5 min / digital / Argentina.

17-year-old Xiabon doesn't speak a word of Spanish when he arrives from China to Argentina. A few days later she starts working in a supermarket, and although her family lives far from Argentine society, she wants to learn the language and integrate. To do this, he secretly starts saving money for the purpose of enrolling in a language school.

Nele Wohlatz is a German film director, screenwriter and producer. His first feature film, Ricardo Bär (2013 - co-directed with Gerardo Naumann) was awarded at FID Marseille. "The Perfect Future" (2016) won the Best First Feature award at the Locarno Film Festival.