"The apple" (2020), Leah Rustomjee.

7 min / 16mm and digital / Great Britain. World Premiere.

In this short documentary, the director delves into the imaginary built around the great cities of the world, in this case, New York. She, her friends and other locals discuss the true meaning of "the big apple."

To be able to add Spanish subtitles to the short film, click on "CC" in the video playback bar.

Leah Rustomjee is an English-born film director and photographer. He did advertisements for Mulberry and directed a video for Dazed magazine with musician Slowthai and several video clips. He also made several documentary-style short films.

"From Thursday to Sunday" (2012), Dominga Sotomayor.

1h 36 min / digital / Chile.

Two children travel with their parents to the north of Chile for a long weekend. While the solitude of the landscape and the confinement of the car show the couple's conflicts, Lucía and her brother go against the wind, not knowing how this last opportunity turns into the father's farewell and possibly the last family trip.
Winning film for Best Film at the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam - 2012), Best Film at the Valdivia Festival and Best Cinematography at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival - 2012).

Dominga Sotomayor is a Chilean film director, producer and screenwriter. He began his audiovisual career in 2005, with two experimental videos and the documentary "Cessna". The following year he directed seven short films, among which are “November” and “Debajo”. In 2012 he premiered his first feature film, “From Thursday to Sunday”, at the Valdivia Film Festival and the Rotterdam Film Festival, where in 2014 he won the first prize in the short film category for “La isla”. In 2018 she won the Best Directing award for her film "Late to Die Young" at the Locarno Film Festival, becoming the first woman to obtain that distinction.