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As a production company, one of our biggest concern is, where do small films made outside the industry go?


During the quarantine, with cinemas closed and a lot of film festivals canceled, or reinvented to go online, we thought about new ways to stay connected and to be able to share different ideas and visions.


We also note that there is a need to make spaces where we can share the films of women and dissidents, which (although the situation is improving) are still a small portion next to the productions of cisgender men.


As its name indicates, "from 5 to 7", from June 22 to 26, 2020, this online exhibition of short films took place. Films that exist out of the need to open the intimate, as a remedy for anxiety and just domestic playfulness.


de5a7 sin fondo.png


Day 1:

"Inercia Dinámica", by Ana Guebel.

"El tiempo espeso", by Lucía Zin.

"Algún James", by Paula Saidón.

Day 2:

"La muerte", by Macarena Fernández.

"Apocalipsis ahora", by Grace Maya.

"Mesafeler", by Hazal Hanquet.

Day 3:

"El no tiempo", by Candela Robles.

"Hola, pelo lindo", by Mariana Bellone.

"Fragmentos", by Helena Insinger.

​Day 4:

"Obsolescencia no programada", by Luciana Juárez.

"Pedazos de sol", by Karina Quelin.

"Cómo arreglar lo roto", by Emilia Herbst.

Day 5:

"Las picapedreras", by Azul Aizenberg.

"Érika", by Lara Franzetti.

"Balcones", by Rocío Prat Gay. ​

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